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EntLib Extensions To WSSF

What is it?
Entlib Extensions to WSSF (Web Service Software Factory) is an extension that enables WSSF to easily integrate with Enterprise Library. This extension allows you to very easily handle cross cutting concerns in WCF services like Validation, Exception Handling and Logging without much programming. The extension accomplishes this by using the policy injection application block of enterprise library.

Why are we releasing this?
For the current version of the .NET Framework, Microsoft is offering the Web Service Software Factory. WSSF is an interesting guidance architecture with a lot of developers interested in it and quite a number of organizations have adopted it. Because Microsoft left out EntLib support for WSSF Avanade thought it wise to share an EntLib extension asset for WSSF.

How does it work?
With this extension extra Enterprise Library policy properties (screenshot) are added to the servicecontract model.
These properties can be used to apply Enterprise Library policies defined in the web.config of your host project.
For more information please refer to the walkthrough which can be downloaded from the releases tab.


Web Service Software Factory
Enterprise Library

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